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About Kenny Clarys


📜 2001 Graduated at dé Kunsthumaniora Antwerp in classical music (violin main instrument - piano second instrument)
📜 2006 Graduated at "The Royal Music Conservatory" in Ghent - Master in Creative Music - Music Production


Hi! I’m Kenny Clarys. As a musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer I’ve built more than 30 years of experience in music of different kinds and genres. My first instrument was the violin (Western classical), and I went on to study the piano and music production.

Through a multicultural upbringing and education, I got deeply involved in Indian music and instruments, and was particularly drawn to the harmonium. As I started playing the Harmonium from age 7 and later played at various events like meditations, concerts and workshops, I gained important skills and techniques while learning from Indian teachers and accompanying great singers. I’ve also traveled multiple times to India, and being drenched in its unique atmosphere and culture inspired me to create three albums of meditation music (In The Moment).

My speciality is to connect the Indian music and the Western music. The harmonium is an instrument that really connects both worlds, the keys coming from a Western influence.

In 2021 I started recording all my lessons and my many years of experience  and turning them into an online course. It took me 1 year to make this course! It became The Harmonium Evolution, which enabled me to pass on my musical knowledge and technique to hundreds of students worldwide. 

Now I am dedicated to guiding you throughout your own harmonium evolution, and my first priority is to make sure you have access to all the help, information and tools you need to become a confident player.

The Harmonium Evolution teaches you to be free and creative on your instrument, and to be able to play any song you like. The Harmonium Evolution course really is the best way to learn the Harmonium properly, gain all the right music knowledge and playing techniques, fast, easy and fun! 

My dream is to help everyone to play beautiful music! You don't exceptional music talent or special gifts, you only need to get the right guidance and support! I am here to help you. Let's do this together.


vocal teacher, singer-songwriter, artist

About Mari Joël


Hey! I am Mari Joël – artist, performer and composer.
I’ve been singing, playing the piano and writing songs for as long as I can remember. And I’m also married to Kenny Clarys and co-founder of The Harmonium Evolution.

Throughout my life music has been my source of joy, my comfort, my therapy and my means of transformation. But it wasn’t until I started teaching that I experienced firsthand how playing and learning music had an impressive positive effect not just on me, but on my students and listeners, and how it could even impact the world at large. Ever since I’ve made it my aim to pass on the immense confidence, joy and satisfaction that results from making music and singing while using the right techniques, musical knowledge and intuition.

Like Kenny, I was also raised in both Eastern and Western culture, which gave me the advantage of being able to teach Eastern music through a Western method, and vice versa. Both of us continually strive for connecting the best of both worlds. Together we’ve created an album (Elaisa), toured through Europe and played on numerous stages and festivals.

What I want you to know is that you can become as confident and skilled in music as we are. Yes, it will take some work and discipline, but we’ll be there for you every step of the way. I am involved in The Harmonium Evolution course whenever it comes to songs, chords and any questions you may have about vocal technique while playing the harmonium. Singing bhajans and mantras comes naturally to me, and as I am specialized in singing and playing chords and melodies simultaneously I am thrilled to guide you to mastery in this field. I’ll see you in the course!

Mari Joël


The one thing lacking in Indian classical music Apr 22, 2023


  • Are you a complete beginner who doesn't know where to start learning and playing the Indian harmonium?

  • Or perhaps you already play some harmonium, but find yourself getting stuck in your progress?

  • Are you struggling to play the harmonium confidently and accompany your singing?...

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Welcome – namaste, My name is Kenny Clarys.

I welcome you to this course where you will learn everything about the Indian harmonium.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to you,  purchasing this course and your trust in me to be your teacher.

I designed and created...

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Why The Indian Harmonium Is So Popular Aug 23, 2022

This is what you need to know.

What are the advantages and what is so interesting about the harmonium?


A harmonium has many advantages. One of the most important things to know is that it is relatively accessible to learn. In contrast, some instruments are way more complicated to learn....

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11 Thing You Need To Know When Buying A Harmonium Aug 23, 2022

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I know as a starter this can be quite a riddle. There are many web shops, many different types, how can you know for certain you are buying a...

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“…When I saw the course content I realized how beautifuly that did match what I was trying to achieve. I’m about 4 weeks into the course and I can work out any chord on the harmonium with a very simple
system that Kenny teaches.

I kind of thought I would never get to this stage.
I was trying to piece together lots of different parts and readings and trying to learn myself. It just wasn’t jelling together.

This is a fully comprehensive course, very simple.
The videos are in very short chunks.
As long as you practice and follow what Kenny says you will get there in no time.”

-Trudy Hudson
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Brisbane, Australia

(Joined February 2021)

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“…The course is incredibly well thought out, with an amazing structure, where you start at the roots so that you really understand the basics of the instrument and the basics of music along.

And then really grow out from there, chords, melodies and in the end you can combine all of that to produce beautiful music.

I am really thankful for Kenny Clarys that he gave me this opportunity to finally learn this instrument!”

-Nandini Kirchbaumer 

Vienna, Austria

(Joined November 2020)

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“…For me as a beginner, I have never played an instrument, it is very easy to follow.

The videos are very clear with detailed explanations. If you have any doubts, you can always contact Kenny.

He is a lovely person, always willing to help you and support you. I think it has been a very good investment for my personal growth.”

-Maria Alejandro Valero
Madhavi Yoga Teacher

Rotterdam, Netherlands

(Joined February 2021)

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