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Playing the Harmonium and chanting and singing has brought so much joy and happiness in my life and the life of hundreds of my students.

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We help people who sing kirtans, mantras, bhajans, to play the Harmonium to accompany their singing and chanting.

We help them to master the Harmonium, gain independence and express their joy and creativity.

Hi, we are Kenny Clarys & Mari Joël.

We help people singing and chanting mantras, bhajans, kirtans,
to accompany themselves and others on the Harmonium using our comprehensive online training.

If you’re interested in starting to learn or restarting your Harmonium playing,
having a lot of fun in the learning process and being supported and guided along the way,
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You can take the course anywhere, anytime.

Learning the Indian harmonium now fits into your busy life – you can take the course anywhere, anytime. No need to schedule lessons or make special appointments. You can access the course anywhere, on any device and anytime 24/7. You can also access the course on a mobile app for Iphone and android.

Course Content

See the content of the course and the different membership options.

Course Content

See the content of the course and the different membership options.

Meet The Teachers

The Harmonium Evolution Teachers will guide you on your musical journey —
with a proven method and step by step detailed instructions, excercises and support.

Find out more about Kenny...

Find out more about Mari Joël...

Find out more about Kenny...

Find out more about Mari Joël...

Take the Free Harmonium Essentials Class >>
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“…When I saw the course content I realized how beautifuly that did match what I was trying to achieve. I’m about 4 weeks into the course and I can work out any chord on the harmonium with a very simple
system that Kenny teaches.

I kind of thought I would never get to this stage.
I was trying to piece together lots of different parts and readings and trying to learn myself. It just wasn’t jelling together.

This is a fully comprehensive course, very simple.
The videos are in very short chunks.
As long as you practice and follow what Kenny says you will get there in no time.”

-Trudy Hudson
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Brisbane, Australia

(Joined February 2021)

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“…The course is incredibly well thought out, with an amazing structure, where you start at the roots so that you really understand the basics of the instrument and the basics of music along.

And then really grow out from there, chords, melodies and in the end you can combine all of that to produce beautiful music.

I am really thankful for Kenny Clarys that he gave me this opportunity to finally learn this instrument!”

-Nandini Kirchbaumer 

Vienna, Austria

(Joined November 2020)

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“…For me as a beginner, I have never played an instrument, it is very easy to follow.

The videos are very clear with detailed explanations. If you have any doubts, you can always contact Kenny.

He is a lovely person, always willing to help you and support you. I think it has been a very good investment for my personal growth.”

-Maria Alejandro Valero
Madhavi Yoga Teacher

Rotterdam, Netherlands

(Joined February 2021)

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